Licensed & Insured Dog Handlers

Free Meet & Greet

We offer a free Meet & Greet when booking a wedding with us to ensure your dog(s) is 100% comfortable. 
We'll go on a walk with you and your dog(s) around your neighborhood to get to know them a little better outside their home.
If you feel your pup needs a little extra warming up to new friends, we can provide multiple visits.

Round Trip Pet Transportation

Our number one goal is to make sure your pet’s needs are met.
All of our dog handlers have had hours of wedding training with us to ensure proper care.
We ALWAYS have plenty of water to keep them hydrated. We take them on multiple walks for potty breaks on our adventure around the venue to get them familiar with being in a new place. And of course, we always have a few treats in our back pocket!

No need to wonder how your pet will get to your venue. We provide round trip pet transportation the day of your wedding! Whether from doggy day care, your house, or a family member's house, we will ensure they arrive safe and on time!
After the ceremony we will bring them home and tuck them into bed!

Assistance With Ceremony & Pictures

Thinking about including your dog in the ceremony? We will help walk them down the aisle unless you have someone designated for it. 
If you would rather not include them in the ceremony we will sit off to the side and wait for their time to shine in front of the camera! Ever wonder how couples get GREAT wedding pictures with their pets? We work closely with your photographer helping them pose and get their attention with a lot of treats and squeaky toys

Wedding Day Pet Attire

Need something for your pet to wear on your wedding day? Leave that detail to us! We make personalized bandanas or bowties in your wedding colors.
All weddings are provided with black leashes, collars, or harness for wedding day use.
Are you planning to have a fresh flower collar made by your florist? We'll take special care of it until it's time for pictures.

Communication With Your Vendors

Before your wedding day, we ask your photographer, videographer, and wedding coordinator for any timelines they may have for your special day.

We then provide them a timeline of our day with your dog around what they have planned for you. We are in constant communication the day of your wedding making sure your dog is in the right spot at the right time.

After Wedding Pet Sitting

Not returning home after your wedding or having someone stay at your house while your on your honeymoon? No problem! We provide in-home pet sitting!
We'll have a licensed and insured pet sitter stay at your house after your pet's big day!
All pet sitting services include: multiple walks, feeding, replenishing water, and providing any medicine. We will also bring in mail, adjust indoor and outdoor lights, and walk the exterior of your home to ensure it is secure. You'll have full access to our online client portal to receive updates throughout the stay.

It’s our one-of-a-kind video that features your Dog of Honor capturing all the fun and intimate moments you have with them before and during your wedding day.

Best Day Ever Videography  

Watch all of our past wedding videos here!

Here is more information on how you can give your dog the BEST DAY EVER!

what to expect when booking:

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Photographer: Shawna Meadors

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Your dog's BEST DAY EVER!