Five Tips On Including Your Dog In Your Wedding!

Including your dog in your wedding can be very simple with our help! Here are a few tips that can help your special day turn out PAWfect!

#1 Check with your venue first to see if they are pet friendly.

Some venues have a strict no pet policy. However, most places will allow your dog to be included in your wedding if they are with a licensed company like ours. Here is a list of some pet friendly venues in Tampa, FL.

#2 Dress them to impress, but don’t over do it.

It is always fun to dress up your dog for pictures, but don’t over do it. You’ll want to make sure they are comfortable in whatever they are wearing for a long period of time during your wedding. A simple bowtie or bandana is just the right touch.

#3 Know how you want to incorporate your dog in your wedding.

Whether they are walking down the aisle as the Dog of Honor or waiting off to the side for pictures after the ceremony, it is very important to know before hand how you envision including your dog.

#4 Practice makes perfect, right?

Having a professional handler like us allows your dog to get comfortable being in a new location. Along with practicing walking up and down the aisle multiple times before the ceremony, we take them on a little adventure around the venue while you’re finishing getting ready. They get all the good sniffs in and have plenty of potty breaks before its their time to shine!

Stephanie Lanni Photography

#5 Our most important tip to anyone thinking about including their dog in their wedding- HIRE US TO HELP!

Why should you hire a wedding day pet care company like Furry Ventures Pet Care to help? You have enough going on the day of your wedding, you shouldn’t have to worry about who is taking care of your furry family. Let Aunt Karen enjoy her third glass of wine! Leave it to us to give your dog the BEST DAY EVER, so your friends and family can enjoy your special day with you!



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